Can I use my portable dvd player as a TV

I was wondering if there's a way to use my new portable dvd player as a tv with audio video hook ups so I could plug in and xbox or ps2 or w/e. I'll get the modle in a while but its xmas and I want some custard pie MMHMHMHMHMMMMMM!!!111!1!!1!

Some portable DVD players have plugs on the side (yellow-white-red). Those will take a direct input. If it doesn't have one of those but has something else (like S-Video) then you should be able to use a converter cable...
mine has them... I tried them... I found out they were actually output... lol... can you show me a picture of a specific one that you know has input plugs?
yes you can use them for input I know this is late but you should somehow be able to set the dvd player for input either with the remote or a switch it has on the side. there is an instructable on it somewhere.
And another two years later. My portable DVD player has these RCA inputs but I can not find switch or a button on the remot that allows it to use them for input purposes. Is there any other way?
TheCheese9921 (author)  irishpride19193 years ago
Read the manual that came with the device, if you don't have it try googleing the manufacture/model number followed by manual. Most portable dvd players cannot function as a TV, however I have seen some higher end models that can. If the plugs say RCA, or composite out, then they are not an input.
Thanks. I don't have my DVD player now, though.
bobby927 years ago
I was wondering if there's a way to use my new portable dvd player as a tv with audio video hook ups so I could plug in and xbox or ps2 or
TheCheese9921 (author)  bobby927 years ago
wow, you can copy and paste, I'm confused
tomonto8 years ago
you can put cable into it by routing through a vcr. but you cant put video gamesin it. i have one and have wasted my time trying
Aeshir tomonto8 years ago
I've had my Gamecube working on mine once. It worked great.
westfw8 years ago
I've got two portable DVD players that have video-in capability. One is an old panasonic DVD-L75 I won in some sort of drawing, and the other is an "eSonic PD-258" I pulled from a dumpster (DVD part broken, menus in japanese, but works as a monitor.) IIRC, both of these have some sort of "setup" function that controls whether the "video" RCA jack is an output (default) or an input. I think both have s-video that is output only. I connected the eSonic to one of the spare monitor outputs on my Son's computer (via s-video to RCA converter.) The screen is JUST big enough to put up a clock :-)
mikesty8 years ago
Wow. LOL! I doubt it, most portable players don't have any type of input. Sorry.
Tv input taken from xbox is nothing like a technology used for flat screens, Tv uses one line (although they say so many lines, its actually only one running from top to bottom. ) tft screens use a matrix, with inputs to screen along side and top.
trebuchet038 years ago
Void your warranty and crack one open ;) It just might have acceptable connectivity (on the insides) that you can tap into (kinda like the PSone screens) :D

If you happen to find a particular brand that has such connectivity -- do share :D