Can a gun get any scarier?

Can a gun get any scarier? I think not.

Now the thing that scares me is that the gun alone could kill you in a fraction of a second, and yet, they feel the need to make it even more deady... I LIKE IT >:-)

And see if you notice something about the guy holding it... (Look at his uniform hehe)

Picture of Can a gun get any scarier?
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lemonie7 years ago
Pah, it's only electric. You might have tracked down the video...


 I may be wrong but I am fairly sure that guy's aim sucks...
As I remember, it wasn't very good.

MotaBoi7 years ago
 This is an AR-15.  Please write this so people stop arguing over it :P
TheDunkis7 years ago
Not very practical at all for someone who's role is a sniper/sharpshooter. Looks like an HK417 so I'm not too sure.
*VROOOOOOOOOOOMRBBBBBBBBBBBB* "Oh yeah they'll never find me... I'm pretty sure they won't notice my red tracks coming from the blood pool their buddy is sitting in either.
~KGB~ TheDunkis7 years ago
the gun is a m4 s-system (new rail) just to let you know...
No, its a m4a1 with an after market rail.
i know, the m4 s-system is just a diff barrel and no charging handle...
excuse me?
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