Can a laptop run two wifi adapters at the same time?

I'm just wondering if I should spend the money on another wifi adapter. My laptop has two usb ports, and I have the idea of using a second wifi adapter as a cheap signal strength meter for the first wifi adapter. I would use the adapters own software to show signal strength, and attempt to reduce it's ability to receive a full strength signal at point-blank range by wrapping it in aluminum foil. Or will this just crash the laptop? Has anyone tried anything like this? What else could I do to run a signal strength meter for $20 while testing new wifi antenna's? Getting another laptop is out of my budget and I don't feel like spending $20 either if it wont work.

zachninme6 years ago
It'll work ;-)
Shadetree Engineer (author)  zachninme6 years ago
I'll try it, thanks
Did it work?
Shadetree Engineer (author)  slov5 years ago
I never tried it, I wound up getting another laptop after mine went missing, then later found the old one still in the backpack under my friends computer table. They were starting to wonder if I was ever going to take my pack....