Can any one help me please...

please can anyone help me in this circuit Traffic light what is wrong with it??

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Afnan11 (author) 5 years ago
OK thank you

but nowadays i have final exams in the university
i will finish on Monday
so i will take video for my project
then, i will show it to you
Afnan11 (author) 5 years ago
This is my circuit
i didn't use 1M preset because i think it is not important
but in diagram it should be because it is connected with resistor

but i didn't know how to connect it
is that supposed to be a 1megaohm variable potentiometer? You might need to use it to "tune" the timer chip for the timing to get it to fire off pulses to trigger the LEDs on. Just a guess.
Alex Trebek would give you the point on that.
Sorry, you did not phrase that in the form of a question.
But I didn't take astable multivibrators for $200
According to what I found, the 1 M preset controls the timing. Perhaps that's why your version doesn't work?
pfred2 Afnan115 years ago
I drew you a little picture. Maybe it can help? First build the circuit in the red box and get it to work. Until it works all the stuff on the right has no chance of working. But the stuff in the box will work even if the stuff to the right of it does not. Well, I guess if the clock output was tied to ground, or positive it might suffer from that. But other than that the clock runs on its own.

I pasted in a diagram of what a potentiometer looks like, and how it is connected in your circuit. You only need one, I did not remove the symbol. I picked blue because it is different than black, or red. I like blue too. But the blue lines are wires.

Now test out your clock. For now remove the wire from 3 to 14, your clock output and put an LED with a current limiting resistor from  pin 3 to positive, or ground, your choice. Turn the shaft on your potentiometer until you see the LED flash on and off. Some adjustments it won't. Now you have your clock all built, and running. Take your test LED and resistor out and hook your clock back up to your counter.

We'll wait and see how you made out with all of that.
Afnan11 (author) 5 years ago
This is the circuit diagram
iceng Afnan115 years ago
It is a very important variable resistor ( potentiometer ).

Just to test and verify your circuit, put a fixed resistor like 100K
between pin 7 and pin 6.
Now I see a resistor there in your pic and one to your plus
but cannot make out the colors to read the values.
That should generate pulses.
Is the green LED lit up ?