Can anyone find me a good deal on K'nex?

Well I'm looking around but I really don't have the time or the patience to continue. I have homework to get to so I'm hoping you guys can find me some good deals on K'nex. I'm looking for something that
-Is no more than $60 or so. I really don't feel like spending a lot. I don't plan on starting up a huge stockpile. I simply want enough to build practical weapons and maybe two smaller weapons at  time.
-Contains some black/clear rods. I only have one clear rod. I had another but I lost it. 
-Has some exotics. I don't care if I only get like 2 of each but I'd love some more hinges and ball joints. Some more black Ys wouldn't hurt either. Small wheels would be a nice addition but I don't require them. Some blue caps would also be lovely. Small bendies are nice too.
-Obviously I'd like a nice mix of normal pieces. Green and white rods, and yellow connectors are my main concern though. I could use more of everything but those three are probably the most used in the majority of weapons. They're usually the only pieces I run out of. Metallics would be nice though I don't care what colors they are
-Finally, I don't want bricks or minis. Almost every set in town is half bricks and/or minis and I don't feel like paying extra for those. If some are included, fine as long as I get a what would be a good deal without them.

If I finally get some more pieces, I'll be able to build guns made by others and start some new projects. I've been looking forward to reviewing guns in a strict manner.

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smilee7 years ago
Well... honostly, I might eventually be selling my knex. ) : I just have not been getting much insiration. My list of knex contains lots of exotics. All my knex isn't worth onlt 60 dollars but I can reduce the amount so you can buy it with 60 dollars tell me if you might be intrested.
 Don't leave your the only girl knexer I know!
TheDunkis (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
Lol are they really? I always figured that was just a rumor. Does it really matter what gender someone is for a hobby?
 No but most girls are not interested in guns.
That's rather stereotypical.  More girls my age shoot at my club than guys.
 Whatever I just think its neat how smilee is a girl in a all boy group(as far as I know)
TheDunkis (author)  knexguy7 years ago
Meh I think it just goes back to when men were mostly the hunters and had no problem with killing other things.
Fine then give me something I can do.
DJ Radio smilee7 years ago
Build the untangle.
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