Can anyone identify this part for me...?

Can anyone identify this component for me?  I believe that it's a cradle relay and it is part of a really old lighting system.  I need to replace it but there are no part numbers or anything! 

Thanks in advance!

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I saw one of these in a combine but im not sure what it's for
mousetroy (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for the help guys. Now to go about finding one...
It LOOKS OK. What's wrong with it ?

May be the contacts need cleaning after years of non-use ?

mousetroy (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Yeah it looks okay and it kind of worked after I cleaned it, but it only makes a contact when you tap it a few times... If I bypass it then everything works okay so I suspect that it's simply giving up. I found a whole bunch of similar looking ones online which should be delivered tomorrow. If I can't get one to work then I think I might be able to replace the whole thing with something more modern.
Relays are the best solution for many problems still - they give extremely good circuit isolation for a start, and nearly loss-less switching compared to most semiconductors. Clean it, by clamping dry writing paper between the contacts and using that to wipe them. If it feels rough, try VERY fine sandpaper and repeat with clean paper again
mousetroy (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
You are a genius! I tried cleaning the contacts with paper like you said and I re-set the gaps which looked a little too far apart and it worked! Perfectly! Thank you so much!

Here is a picture of the installation now it works!

Well done. Most people faced with cleaning a relay will actually trash it by using too coarse materials.
crapflinger6 years ago
huh, i've never seen a relay with a clear casing before, definitely a neat looking gremlin
No ? Most of the bigger ones that aren't PCB mounted generally are. "Octal" and "continental" series relays are ALWAYS in clear cases.
Goodhart6 years ago
I "appears" to be a triple pole, single throw relay. It is obvious which contacts are the coil, but as for volatage/amperage ratings.....good luck.
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