Can arduino handle this much work?HELP-First time maker

I will make very small robot with wheels+ display + color sensor .Wheeles will be remote controlled and I need to manupilate info from color sensors and write it to display with stopwatch . For example robot goes and stands on brown surface and displays "You are on ..brown.. surface for ..10.. seconds  " or  when it reaches to 1 minute it displays "You are on ..brown.. surface for ..1. minute and you should leave  "

Questions -
1 -Can arduino handle this much work ? If yes which model should i prefer?
2 -Is  raspberry pi a better choice? Again if yes which model ?

Little note 
Coding wont be problem .I have worked with c languages.Im  just inexperienced with mechanical stuff.
I want my robot to be fast from all aspects( obviously) .
i might add some features like voice or camera in the future.

tobychui5 months ago

Yes of course, an Arduino UNO can do the trick without any problem.

What you need is a RGB sensor (e.g.TCS34725), LCD display , Bluetooth module like the HC-05, some 5V stepper motors with UNL2003 drivers for the wheels (or just use normal motors if you don't need to control the robot with high accuracy) .

However, if you are planning to add new features like voice or camera, Raspberry pi will be a better choice. Though, the modules mentioned above will still be usable with raspberry pi's GPIO pins.

ShadowL5 (author)  tobychui5 months ago

Thank you very much .Its really helpful .