Can i enter one instructable in multiple contests?

If my instructible satisfies the conditions for more than one contest,can i enter it in more contests,and if i win in one contest,can i win in an other?

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jeff-o8 years ago
I did. :)
flamelover94 (author)  TNEN8 years ago
that is one awesome instructible...
Doctor What8 years ago
After reading the official rules, I found that yes, yes you can.
iBurn8 years ago
Why won't it let me post my instructable under the Art of sound? It says that it's not open for enteries....WTF?!
ChrysN iBurn8 years ago
It has to be published after the start date of the contest, May 27, 2009.
lemonie8 years ago
Yes - do it. L