Can someone identify this?

Can someone tell me what this thing is? Thanks in advance, Fried.

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A small speaker used in toy's (mostly)
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Bobblehead Einstein
Fried Potatoes (author) 4 years ago
I pulled this part out of a child toy, some cellphone fake thing, still working. The writing on the object is mostly written with (symbols?), the only one I recognize is the Omega. There is some English, the letters C, Y, and w(watts?). Sorry about quality, had to take in a hurry.
as everyone else said, it's a speaker. the omega business should be telling you the impedance of the speaker, the w is probably the watts output of the speaker (probably pretty low)

also, pro-tip.....speakers use magnets to make noise. so, yeah, they're magnetic.
Orngrimm4 years ago
That one is easy: It is a blurry picture. ;)

I also think it may be a speaker, but an image with proper focus would help since we could see the writings on the thing...
its a small speaker
Fried Potatoes (author) 4 years ago
Also, it seems to be magnetic.

A better picture would be great, but I think it's from a pair of headphones (I've taken apart approximately a zillion earbuds and headphones).
Specifically, the speaker (too lazy to edit tonight :P ).
caitlinsdad4 years ago
It is an example of a poor macro shot. Maybe you could tell us what the writing is on the object. Was it just a part you pulled out of something or just found on the street corner? Is it working or fried?