Can someone jog my memory? (K'Nex)

Does anyone remember a specific fully automatic gun? It looked like a magazine in and of itself. You fired it by pressing on a rod protruding from the bottom. It fired dark grays. If anyone remembers it and knows where to find it, please link me to it. Thanks,


stale567 years ago
What DJ is talking about.
Oblivitus made a modded version.

What cyborgold is talking about. (The pictures don't show up on my browser, they may have been deleted).
DJ Radio7 years ago
You mean Louis XIV's semi auto? That's the only one that fits that description.
DrWeird117 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Oh, thank you. It bugged me so much that I couldn't remember it.
i know what you are talking about i think it was by the dunkis