Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat that looks good on you?

My new avatar notwithstanding, I can never pick out a hat in real life. Every hat I try on is either too big for my face, or makes my head look weird. I know that girls can look awesome in a tasteful hat, but there must be some trick I'm missing. Do you go according to face shape? Age? Size? Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat (like a straw-cowboy-fedora type hat...not a SISSY hat) ? Please?

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I think some people just don't look good in hats (or aren't comfortable with they way they look in them). I'm like that with hats and sunglasses. I guess i'm screwed when it comes to UV protection =p
Lithium Rain (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
I always feel silly, like somehow a hat is a waste of money, like someone in my head is asking, why am I spending perfectly good money on a hat?
You'll know you've found the right one when you don't feel that way. You'll be able to tell yourself that you will wear it a lot =]
Lithium Rain (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
:D Yay! You shut up the "voice" in my head who tries to keep me from buying the perfect hat-she has nothing left to say...you completely defeated her! That is a good point. :)
=[I'm not supposed to fight girls...]
Lithium Rain (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Linky no work... It's a good thing that you shut up my inner no-hat reasoning!
oops! It wasn't supposed to be a link, it was supposed to be a sad face.
Lithium Rain (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Just buy one, you only live once, and who gives a toss what others think,as long as you take it off in a court room you'll be just fine......
Ooh, I have a suggestion. Bring with someone that you know has good taste, or ask for the storekeepers opinion. Maybe they can help you find a good one.
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