Can someone release my instructable from filters

I posted an ible few hours back looks like it is caught by filters and therefore not showing in recents and searches. Is there anyone who can release it.

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BrittLiv3 years ago

My last one is caught in the filters, too. Somebody else posted about his instructable here:

They seem to be a little over active. (Though mine got probably caught because I used the word "gun")

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  BrittLiv3 years ago

My insturctable uses words like bullet, unisex. Not sure if the filters picked up sex or something. I think too that they are over active and worst its Sunday.

Agreed! It also kills your chances of getting featured...

Only in some particular cases though.... I say this since your project got featured.

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  hunter9993 years ago

I would say it may delay but if its worth it, a community member will feature it. Like in my case.

I agree, since an instructable employee has to free it, the possibility that is get over looked is practically non existent.


Even if the human on filter-duty doesn't Feature it, freshly-released projects get added at the top of the "recent" pile, so they are just as likely to get looked at by the Community Team as any other project.

Adeldor3 years ago

Hello all,

It looks like I too have been caught in the filters. I posted about an hour ago and multiple updates have gone by in "Recent" without mine showing. Assuming there's nothing wrong with the submission, might a kind soul at Instructables free it from its prison? :-) It is:

Thanks & cheers!

Yep, I gotcha :)

Thank you again!

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