Can someone show me how to program Arduino?

ok so i have this arduino uno with a 3x3 led matrix hooked up to it, and i have just no idea how to program it.  I have searched myself on the internet but found no help. Could someone show me a video or a good article that would help me?

caitlinsdad5 years ago
go to which is the website for arduinos. Look for the tutorials and download the IDE or programming interface. Only trick in getting that installed is that you might have to manually load the drivers so it will recognize it on the USB port when you have it hooked up to the PC.

Put LED matrix arduino in the search above to find the instructables that use the 3x3 matrix like you have set up. You should find some code samples included there. Good luck.
btw, how did you wire up your 3x3 matrix? Addressing the LEDs and how it would be interfaced to the arduino pins would have to match your programming.
texpert (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
i have my anodes to digital pins 3,5,6 and cathodes to digital pins, 9,10,11. On my own i was able to light one row in a sequence, but when i wanted to light up one led in the next row, other leds came on which i did not intend.