Can these led strips be made to work off batteries?

These led light strips look awesome. My question is can these be made to work off a battery system that would be portable enough to carry while roller skating. Here is the site of the product I did post this on the end of an old question but not exactly sure people would see it at the end. Thanks for any suggestions

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Kiteman10 years ago
It says they run off "your home 12V adaptor" (of course, we all have one of those...), so I guess they could run off a fairly lightweight battery-pack (they are only LEDs after all).
rsfaze (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
ok so I guess my next question is how many batteries are we talking? I would have one of these strips on each skate.
1 12V battery
Or 6xAA. Or a couple of 9V plus extra resistance...
CameronSS Kiteman10 years ago
6xAA? A AA battery is 1.5V. 6x1.5V=9V. You need 8 AAs. Or better yet, 8 D cells for added life, though t that point a 12V sealed lead-acid would be easier...
rsfaze (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
any idea what kind of life a set of AA would last running these?
CameronSS rsfaze10 years ago
Well, according to the technical info given, the strip draws 200mA at 12VDC. Let's say a pack of 8 2000mAH alkaline AAs. (I found on Wikipedia the range 1700mAH-3000mAH. I chose the low end, correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.) A pack of 8 should have (8x2000)mAH, or 16000mAH, so that would be 80 hours, which seems a bit high. Anyone more intelligent, please tell me if I did that right. 16 AH seems high.
So I realize this thread is about 4 years old, but I did the same math - and then realized that this only works if the batteries are in parallel. If they're in series then it's one big 12v battery at 2000 mah which would power this particular strip of LED's for 10 hours.
rsfaze (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
would going 2 9v batteries with resistance give me better battery life than doing 6 AA batteries?
Kiteman rsfaze10 years ago
er... trebuchet?
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