Can you help write a video game?

Do you want to get involved in moving an internet sensation to the next level?

Webcomic Questionable Content are looking for a video game developer to push forward the creative vision of the comic's author.

J Jaques says;

Today, I had an idea. An idea for a video game. A video game about WEBCOMICS.

I passed this idea around to a number of my colleagues, and they were very interested! It then began to dawn on me that this was possibly something I could actually make happen.

But obviously I don't know anything about actually making video games, so I would have to talk to a developer about it. And while I'm sure there is nothing video game developers hate more than a Normal Person Who Thinks They Have A Great Idea For A Game, I am pretty sure this idea has legs, both in terms of potential audience and potential funding.

So if you make video games for a living, shoot me an email. I would love to discuss my ideas with a professional.

If you don't know QC, you should.  If you have a couple of days spare, start reading at number one, otherwise pick up here.

lemonie1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
Kiteman (author)  lemonie1 year ago
I'm just passing on what I read - I thought some of our readers might fancy the chance to get involved with a popular comic.
I think some thing went wrong with my browser - (I posted that didn't understand what the game was supposed about, at length.)

Kiteman (author)  lemonie1 year ago
Did you remove your top comment?
Somehow(?) yes.
I think comics should be left as they are, I can't see how a game would be good and I get no indication that anyone else does either.

Jayefuu1 year ago
Gah, I wish you hadn't linked to this. There goes my weekend.
Kiteman (author)  Jayefuu1 year ago
flio1911 year ago
Check these guys out:
they've got a couple of good examples of sorts of fake "choose your own adventure" animated comics. I believe it can work, it's just going to be difficult to keep up especially if there is updated content, cause then you're gonna need a programmer at hand all the time which can get expensive.

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