Canadian Lego In Space!!!

Two 17 year old Canadian Grade 12 students sent a Lego man into space and captured the entire 97 minute flight on video.

The helium filled balloon used to send the Lego man (with Canadian Flag in hand) to space reached 24 kilometers above sea level. (almost 15 miles).

SEE VIDEO HERE (at YouTube) OR scroll down below for embedded link (thanks monsterlego) :P

Picture of Canadian Lego In Space!!!
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monsterlego6 years ago
canucksgirl (author)  monsterlego6 years ago
Wha... the link wasn't good enough? lol :P
Well if people want to see it without going to youtube...
canucksgirl (author)  monsterlego6 years ago
Duly noted. :P
AriedeB5 years ago
Canadian lego man in space???
canucksgirl (author)  AriedeB5 years ago
And it was all done by high school age kids (17 I believe).
i saw this on like 5 different websites. (gets around doesn't he)
canucksgirl (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
LOL... yes, he's making his rounds everywhere it seems.
Sure does. :)
It is quiet amazing indeed.
When i look back at what we used to do on my school, than this would be like watching a sciencefiction event come to live.
And those kids just did it for real, so in one word: WOW!
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