Cannot access PDF documents

Yo Membership people:
Cannot access PDF documents. Click on PDF icon loops you back to login window, reinsert info loops all over again.  Can log into profile.  Profile showed I still a PRO member.  Pdf access worked until a few months ago when I changed banks and an automatic message sent to instructables caused an account cancelation. I sent a message explaining this and received a reply that I still had access until next year.  I really want the pdf for the Spooky Telsa Spirit Radio so I spent the money for another PRO Membership.  It now says I am a member until 2012!  So why cannot I access pdf files?  Also if I am a PRO Memeber how can I get rid of the ads? If pdf's are becoming a problem, will you make the instructables available via DVD disks or books like Volume 1? By the way how do I get a reply? The forum stuff stinks.  This is all frustrating since you have a darn good product!
Thanks Tommyt

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bonez436 years ago
I've got the same problem I just joined March 19, 2011, Please Help
ashertorn6 years ago
for some reason it's not showing me as a PRO account anymore. i paid for two years while i was in iraq. now it's not showing up as a PRO account and i cannon download PDFs anymore. this is a recent problem and i would love some help solving it.
Congratulations on your safe return. Your account (username "ashertorn") was created on 15 March 2011. Did you create and pay for the PRO membership using a different username?
Best bet here is to contact the email address at the bottom-right of the page.
iamaqtpoo6 years ago
I am having the same problem, the PDFs worked until recently. Any idea?
DiKayess6 years ago
i am unable to accesss pdf even thought I am a paid member. Please help
mwm3416 years ago
Argh! Am trying to download PDFs to my Mac using Chrome. And failing miserably. What am I doing wrong?
randofo7 years ago
This should have been corrected. Are you still having this problem?
eskimo1 (author)  randofo7 years ago
Pdf problem resolved. There was a mixup in memberships (actually mistakenly created a conflicting memebrship .... duh, that happens when you do not write things down).
How can I resume the auto pay for paying for subscriptions? Nice simple procedure would be appreciated!