Cannot edit instructable

When I go to continue my step-by-step instructable, instructables has this gray rectangle that says: "Updating...", and I can see the things that I did popping up, but everything is there (I think...?), and the little rectangle is not going away... What's going on here???

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
There was a hiccup on the site last night, we're hoping to have it resolved around noon today!
This is good news. I can't even begin a new instructable. 8-/
We like breaking the site so we can make it better.
lol... PrObAbLy! Job security, right? ;-D

Seems to be all fixed now... knock on wood! ;-)
I still can't edit or start a new instructable. Maybe tomorrow?
These bugs are so fickle. Keep trying!
I just closed Safari, rebooted and it started right up. Back to work!
robolion5 years ago
Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same problem, trying to edit an unpublished 'ble. Tried in chrome and in ie8, no luck.
I use Google chrome and had the same problem last night.
I, too, am experiencing this problem with three different browsers. I hope this helps raise awareness of the issue - thanks for looking into this, Instructables staff
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