Cannot publish collection - "Ooops! Something went wrong"

When I try to publish a collection, I get the following error message.

"Oops!  Something went wrong."

Is there a known solution to this problem?

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galen2 years ago

Here is a workaround for this problem. It is not a solution but it does give us a way to get collections published.

Create a collection and add 5 items to it. At that point try publishing it. If you can publish it then you can add items from your unpublished collections to it.

It is a pain to do when you have 30 unpublished collections, like I do, but at least this way we can get a collection published.

galen2 years ago

Same problem. Can't publish collections. I have 30 unpublished. I would like to get my Halloween one up this year.

Here is my original post about it.

mortenlc2 years ago

ANy news on this issue?

Unpublished collections are kinda hard to use....

It strikes med as odd, that when the collection isn't published, i can't even click on the instructables. i can only see the picture. Only when I edit the collection, can I enter the instructables... strange...

RohanP12 years ago

I have similar issue. I cannot edit published collection and getting the exact same error! Below are my details -

OS X 10.8.5

Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m

Extensions - I tried using enabled ext as well as disabled, but same problem!

Also tried on: Safari - Version 6.2.5 (8537.85.14.17)

I'm in the Central timezone and I have also tried several times over the past few weeks during different daytimes

This is happening me too. With Chrome, Safari, and on an Acer and a Samsung. No time to find specific versions but this is obviously a cross-platform issue, and it's super annoying that the developers are not dealing with this, and no one is answering these queries. I posted about this months ago with no reply too.

Moem tinyweasel2 years ago

Ayup. I cannot edit our team's Collection for the Makerspace contest. I'm on Firefox on Win7, hardly exotic.

So I email the team to add them for me, and apparently they can do that. Fixing the bug so I can do it myself seems more efficient to me, but what do I know?

Kiteman Moem2 years ago

I just tried to edit one of my collections, removing a couple of projects as a test.

When I hit "save", the "saving" icon appeared for a few moment, then I got the "Oops" message.

However, when I went back a few pages to the original collection, the changes I had made had happened.

Do you find the same thing?

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago

And I just edited another, ad encountered no problems.

It looks like this is an intermittent fault, and I am told that they are the hardest to fix.

Moem Kiteman2 years ago

Yes, you may very well be right. I think I have this problem on the Hack42 account and not on my own.

Moem Kiteman2 years ago

No, I get an error message straight away and my changes aren't applied.

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