Cannot use my Google+ user login details on android app on my mobile phone

I am able to use my google+ login when i am logging in using web browser on my laptop. But i am not able to use my google+ login details on the android app on my phone. I am only getting facebook login option on android app. Google+ login option is not available on android app.


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TheyforC1 year ago

Please please please fix!

PeterLawler2 years ago

Kinda makes me very uneager to recommend Google user pay for an Instructibles account....

This is still a problem. This should be one of the easier things to implement since nearly every app has figured it out.

todd-ashi2 years ago

I've discovered that if I click You: You, the Settings tab, and change my password, I'm able to log into the app using my username and the new password.

CutterSlade2 years ago

Same here!

avasquez192 years ago

Please fix!

Tanju-B2 years ago

me three

Aahmee2 years ago

I have the same problem with the app, but I can log in with my Google plus from my phone's browser.