Can't Decide Which Zippo

I cant make up my mind between these two Zippos
'Hidden Dragon'
'Patriotic Version'

What do you think?
What would you get?
Is there a different zippo you would get?

below are images from zippo case museum (offical websight)

update i go the Patriotic version and i love it. added some pics

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mine would be either
or I think this one is cooler -
but I like the first as it is engraved where as the seconded it is just printed on...
(oh yeah - that site is good - cheaper than the zippo museum)

but I am tempted to buy either a standard silver (chrome) or a black one and engrave/etch it myself
does anyone know of a good way to do that? - I think engraving would be tricky as you would have to not cut too deep (>
Flumpkins9 years ago
Are Zippos for trick or smoking?!?
Both really, it depends on you
i use it to burn things and a view tricks. i dont smoke.
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Well, I found a couple I like. I have to convince my parents to let me have a Zippo because, well, every man has a Zippo and I'm starting puberty. It's my right! I don't smoke, I just want it to carry around in my back pocket like a big boy.

But back on topic, The ones I would get would be:
Anarchy(Because it's cool:))
Anarchy, as well(I like this one, too)
Circuit board (I wouldn't actually get this, but it is really geek-esque)
Flame(Very basic, I love it.)
Black Matte logo(I like this one, too)
HazMat(This one is cool)
Black Ice(I like!)
Black Ice w/logo(I like more!)
Click the link(I like this one the most!!!!)

Which, of the above, do you like the most, guys?
I have the Hazmat one and I really like it, I think you should go with that or the blackice, they are the coolest
And what does anarchy mean? I see that symbol everywhere.
Anarchy: absence of government/authority
Mine's Gold plated with my name on.
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