Can't Re-publish my Instructable

I'm trying to re-publish my instructable:
and it won't allow it.  I'm getting the error message:

"ERROR 401: edit object EHFJ8VFH7A8PLJ4"

Please help!!!

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craftyv4 years ago
When I read this I thought I understood the issue but now Iv'e read them all I am more confused than ever. Oh well! I'll wait till I need to do it myself perhaps it will fall into place then. I do admire all of you who do get it, let's just say I am technically challenged.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Why do you need to publish that version when you've already published this one?

Isn't it the same as the published one but without text?
ridiculously.awesome (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Yes, it is the same project but one is a photo instructable without all of the text for people who don't want to read all of those annoying words. This allows them to quickly view the steps used in the process. I believe this is the whole purpose of a photo instructable.
You haven't published a photo Instructable, you've published a step-by-step with no words.

You need to start from scratch, creating an actual photo Instructable, instead of editing an existing project.
ridiculously.awesome (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I respectfully disagree.

From the definition of a photo instructable: "Share one or more photos of a project, recipe, or whatever you've made, quickly and easily."

From the definition of a step-by-step instructable: "Share your step-by-step photos with text instructions of what you made so others can do it too!"

That's exactly what I did. No where on this site does it state (that I'm aware of) that only one form of an instructable may be published for a given project. A summary of a book (Cliff notes) is very different than the book itself. This is analagous to what I've done here. One is for people who don't want to read through the details, the other is for those who do. Why else does this site have the option to make a photo instructable vs. a step-by-step?

I'm a little flummoxed why this conversation is even taking place. This post was about a legitiamate bug I encountered in the interface that is not allowing me re-publish my instructable. This is something I have done many times on many other occassions. It is beneficial to the site administrators when users provide details like this when a bug is encountered. It helps them to improve the service that they provide to you and I.
I'm wondering why as well. This isn't a matter of opinion or agreement.

You got it wrong somewhere, maybe you hit the wrong button, but you have erroneously attempted to fit a photo ible into the step-by-step template.
ridiculously.awesome (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Ok, I see what you are saying now--I interpreted your post to say that my content did not follow the guidelines for a photo instructable. However, I'm 95% certain that this is and was submitted as a photo instructable. When I go to edit the instructable there is no option for adding a step. Otherwise this option would appear in editing mode. Do you agree?
It looks like a Photo Instructable to me, too. It has no thumbnails for different steps at the top, or a button to view all steps on one page.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
This shows as published on September 25, 2012, I'm guessing the error you saw was involved with the HTML displaying the images in line.

Though this stretches what we currently would consider a Photo Instructable (should contain some text up front), I don't mind the layout. It's an interesting use for a Photo Instructable format.
That was the original publish date. When I tried to republish I received this error message. I documented the process I followed in the following instructable :-).

Step 2 has a screen shot of the error message. Maybe you can share this with the dev team. Every other instructable I try to republish goes through just fine.

Also, please point me to a template that would be considered a Photo Instructable. I looked at a bunch of them, including contest winners, as templates for what I pulled together. I have found it a little confusing to ascertain the line between a Photo Instructable and Step-by-step Instructable.
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