Can't Upload Pictures

I can't upload pictures for my instructables. I am going to Detroit on Saturday, and I would like to finish my instructable before I leave so I can enter it in the USB contest. However, I cannot upload pictures. I don't get any error message. I have a mac computer. Thanks, and please help! 

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sunshiine6 years ago
I am using Internet Exployer and my pictures seem to upload but not auto and they will not save to my page file. I am getting an error report. My script does not save eithor. I have content that needs uploaded because of a contest entry that expires this weekend. Please help! Thanks so much! I appreciate you guys keeping our favorite site up and running!
I have IE8 and had the same problem last week. We ran a cache cleaner (CCleaner. com. I think) and that fixed my problem with uploading the photos for some reason. Now this morning I had problems with not being able to see the Next and Previous buttons so I switched over to Firefox and now it's working again. I think the problem may be with IE8?
Thanks! You might be correct. I will switch over to another server if I have trouble in the next couple of days and see.
lilypop6 years ago
I use firefox, but mine doesn't work either... i will try internet explorer and see if that helps...
kenyer lilypop6 years ago
same problem here with Lion version of safari. Just when I had the guts to start on making my first instructable. :S
lilypop lilypop6 years ago
i just tried using internet explorer and the browser won't even come up...
Dico2006 years ago
Google Chrome doesn't work for me also
Dico2006 years ago
it doesn't give an error, nothing happens when i click. with the old one, there isn't a button 'upload chosen pictures'.
I too cannot upload photo's; I'm using Safari and have not had a problem before.

Does anybody know if this problem is being addressed?
I cannot upload to my instructable either today - just keeps saying error code 10

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