Can't access files

Whenever I go to download my files from my instructable How to play story slams, I get this error. I've tried chrome, Firefox  and internet explorer, on windows 7 and chrome and internet explorer on windows 8.  Any ideas? I will love you for forever if you fix this,


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mikeasaurus4 years ago
It looks like there was an issue with the files when you uploaded them, as Doc files can be uploaded and shared here with no restrictions. If you can find those files again I suggest copying the text from the Doc file to a plain-text editor (like Notepad) then copy that into our editor (copying directly from Doc to our editor might have unpredictable results from the formatting).
Kiteman4 years ago
Also will not download in Android.

Will they open in your image library?

If not, I suggest removing the existing files, and re-uploading. If the files are just for printing, not to be edited by the user, you might try saving them as a PDF file, then uploading them, because more people will be able to access it.
milkywaybar (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
They do not open in my library, and the computer I had them on crashed. There is no way to acssess them. Should've backed them up. Oh well...
milkywaybar (author)  milkywaybar4 years ago
But if I do manage to get them back, ill convert them to pdf. Thank you!