Can't delete a video instructable

I have an empty video instructable and i can't delete it, there is no delete button on the edit tab.

Anyway around this? or a means of switching it back to a step-by-step instructable that can be deleted?

EDIT: You can see from the screen shot there is no extra "more" tab to delete it

Picture of Can't delete a video instructable
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caitlinsdad6 years ago
When you go in to edit, there is the word MORE next to the edit, publish, share tabs. There should be a drop down menu when you click on the word MORE that has DELETE.
NurdRage (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
I just uploaded a screenshot

There is no "MORE" next to the edit tab.
pdub77 NurdRage6 years ago
This blows. I have the same issue. Please fix this!
pdub776 years ago
I'm having the same sort of issue. I can't delete a video. Please advise!
Can you preview it, and send me the url of the previewed instructable? It's weird it's not there, but I can delete it for you if you send me that.
NurdRage (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
I can preview it and it appears fine, i've published it and unpublished it and everything functions, just can't find a way to delete it.

I've got a few instructables i want to delete so i'll wait for the bug fix. i don't want to keep pestering for help. :)
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Hmmm, you're right, the delete button has been deleted. I guess you will have to wait till the morning pacific time before the staff gets around to looking at the bug reports.