Can't download PDF files

I can't download PDF files. When I click on the PDF icon for plans a window pops up asking me to sign in, which I have already done, then goes away. I re click the icon again and the window reappears. Some what reminiscent of the Myth of Sissiphus.

prruff (author) 5 years ago
I purchased a Pro membership yesterday (10-9-12)
If you purchased a pro membership and it hasn't applied to your account, something went wrong. The Pro membership should apply immediately.

What you need to do is email and let them know the details of the transaction, what day it took place, if you paid with paypal or a credit card, and the transaction receipt if you have it.

They can go into their database and figure out where things went wrong and fix them.
Kiteman prruff5 years ago
It's obviously not gone through yet, as you don't have a "pro" icon next to your user name.
Moem5 years ago
Well, that is a Pro feature as far as I know.
The funny thing is that you posted your question in the Pro memberships forum section, so maybe you already know that?