Can't enter contest ?


I'm trying to enter in this contest : with  this instructable
When i click "Enter" it tells me that several projects are eligible, il select the one i want, it says "entered", and whenever i comeback the "entered" isn't click anymore and my project isn't selectionned for the contest.
I've tryied several time since yesterday night without success.

Am i doing it wrong?


Are you receiving an email saying that the contest entry is received? If you are, there isn't a problem and the entry will be accepted during Californian office hours. If you're not receiving that, I'm not sure what's wrong.


It is usually several days between hitting the "enter" button, and your project appearing on the contest page.

Have patience.

Garagem Fab Lab (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Ok i received the mail, but it was not appearing. Thanks for the infos!