Can't figure out simple kitchen tool

I hope someone can give me some ideas on this.  I want to make a dough cutter/cookie cutter grid. It would cut 1/2 inch squares and the grid would be at least 12" x 18" (864 squares-like a checkerboard).  If that's not feasible, then a tool that would cut 1/2" strips, and I would turn it to make the squares. I'm thinking the cutting material would be aluminum (which isn't easy to solder).   Thanks for any suggestions.

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mole14 years ago
Ummm... Just out of curiosity, what are you cooking that starts out as 1/2 inch squares? Is this for bread dough or something stiffer like cookies?

Aren't French fries about 1/2 inch? Could you put the dough through a French fry potato cutter and slice it off at the thickness you want?

I keep picturing a white plastic 1/2 or so grid about 1/2 inch thick...seen sometime, somewhere . Maybe it was light fixture diffuser? Anyway, if you rolled out your dough like a pie crust, laid it over the grid and then rolled over it again with your rolling pin forcing it through, it might work You might try the same idea through the inverted bottom of a deep fat frier basket.
Jayefuu4 years ago
An alternative: a 24 bladed rolling pin with the blades spaced 1 inch apart.

Method 1: Buy some 1mm thick stainless steel sheet and a 1 to 2 inch tank cutter. Cut 24 disks. You now need to space the disks along a rod. You could use threaded rod and separate the disks with nuts, or you could use threaded rod with a nut at each end but non-threaded spacers in the middle. I recently bought some 20mm M6 hexagonal spacers for 10p each, I'm sure you could find half inch (or 15mm) ones.

Once assembled you'd have a pizza cutter with 24 blades and you could cut your squares in two swipes.

Another slightly more expensive option would be to buy 24 cheap pizza cutters from a pound/dollar store or online then assemble them in a similar way.

I think the multiple bladed rolling pin would be a better solution than a grid. You'd need less force to cut the dough, it'd be easier to make/assemble as well as being easier to clean.

Where in the world are you?
Jayefuu Jayefuu4 years ago
I found a picture of what I was thinking of, you should make something like this:

You can find more by searching for pastry cutting wheels. Some of them are even quite cheap!
Tomdf Jayefuu4 years ago
Are hard drive platters safe for preparing food? If so I have an idea on how to make one of these :p
I like this one
Jayefuu Jayefuu4 years ago
Searching for a joblot of pizza cutters might also be useful. I found 12 for £7 delivered on ebay.
Kiteman4 years ago
Couldn't you just use a pizza cutter?
Seabreeze13 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I use a pizza wheel now. It takes forever. The wire makes a lot of sense as far as non-stick goes. There has to be a way to make a lightweight, rigid frame. Or maybe weighted would be better than lightweight. I really like the wire instead of blade idea though. Some type of rigid wire might be a good idea too.
Two pizza cutters zipped tied together?
The wires would flex in the middle, no matter how rigid the frame or tight the wires. I don't think it would cut through in the middle.
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