Can't find info on revenue sharing on instructables

Surely there is some information on how instructables pays all its contributors/writers/photographers/videographers for making the site what it is? How to find the reference on how they could even pay a pittance to users thru paypal? Maybe there is a section in the FAQ that helps us contributers make money else where. I can't find it. don't call me shirley

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wallm (author) 8 years ago
sarcasm & humor doesn't work well does it.

In a light hearted way (which apparently didn't come across well) I am implying that with such a successful site, what is the absolute harm of not offering anything monetary back in this new "social" world? (especially in this climate)

In concept i meant paypal. See,, metacafe...etc models work.

It's odd how many people are all over about paying instructables to give them there ideas so the company can profit. (pro accounts)

I am just asking. Many including /this site are all very folksy and community based, but when it comes to everyone making a dime, it just doesn't seem plausible to give back in that fashion.

I was just wonder why it wouldn't work. why it couldn't at least be tried?

I was joking, you can call me Shirley
gmoon wallm8 years ago
Nice. Pretty weak effort at either humor or sarcasm, all-in-all.

Get involved with the other sites, if it's money you want.

(Anyway, those site are a little like the lottery. Yes, you can make money, but you probably won't make more than a pittance....)
gmoon nailed it - if you're looking to make money, you're in the wrong place, I'm afraid. The point of instructables is to share ideas and projects, not for us to turn a profit.
gmjhowe wallm8 years ago
If instructables was actually making profit, that might be a start. Pro accounts are just to keep the site alive. Currently, all the staff are overworked, and underpaid. They love the site, so they are sticking with it.
Besides the fact they don't make enough money to pay us, there's no need for them to. Instructables was created as a platform for documenting and sharing projects. They provide us with the best interface I've seen, the bandwidth/server space, and a big audience, all for free. I think that's pretty awesome. If you insist on getting something of monetary value back from instructables, enter the contests. If you make good enough projects, you can win some nice swag. In the past, some people have set up their own websites, etsy accounts, ebay accounts, etc where they sell kits and pre-assembled projects that they show you how to build on instructables. They then place a link to their store here. You mention metacafe. They do pay, but youtube (which doesn't) is still the more popular video host, and, in my opinion, youtube has better content.
kelseymh8 years ago
Instructables does not pay anyone to create content. Never has. It makes space and and interface available to its users.
gmjhowe8 years ago
The payment, is publicity, with a great searchable website, and constant traffic from alot of the big blogs. So, Shirley, what exactly are you getting at with your 'lacking effort' topic?
Define pittance. You can't send less than $.31 through Paypal without it being totally "fees".

Also, I find this post odd.
gmoon8 years ago
Not included in the Instructables business model.
Kiteman8 years ago
The contributors don't make money out of the site.

We post stuff for free.

Advertising and "pro" subscriptions pay the staff wages and site costs.

Given the fact that the site has been forced to start the pro accounts, I seriously doubt that there is any revenue spare to distribute anyway.