Can't get logged on to

I can't get logged on to Keep getting a page that says delete all cookies. Tried that still not working. Anyone else having this problem?

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voodooduck10 years ago
I had the same problem, but when I deleted my cookies it worked. Sorry!
SacTownSue (author)  voodooduck10 years ago
so did you hear/see who the winners are?
It'll be announce noon western time so three eastern.
SacTownSue (author)  Tool Using Animal10 years ago
Thanks Animal.
Last time I was on Etsy they said noon Eastern.
And there haven't been any real announcements on Instructables.
This is very frustrating.
I hope it also gets posted on the Instructables blog and or the Instructables Etsy group at the same time. After all most of the work, for me anyway, was on the Instructables site.
Not to mention my current addiction to this site.
BTW: how do you know this? do you work there?
Nooo ;-) I logged into etsy and checked the blog, they had 3 eastern listed there..