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I am unable to search instructables or anything else by rating. Was this feature removed or is it just me with this issue? If it was removed, can you quickly explain why? It would make zero sense to remove it, if someone wanted to make something or find the best of something, they can find the highest rated instructable and that will most likely be the best choice. Also, if you remove search by rating, then you should remove being able to rate stuff altogether. 

Help / explain

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The Jamalam7 years ago
Bump, I want that feature back.
If you want to sort by rating, as lemonie suggested, change the "sort=none" or whatever else it might say at the end of a graphics search, and change it to "sort=rating"

I don't see the clickable link being put back in anytime soon (if at all). So your best bet to see something sorted by rating, is to manually enter it in.
i thought you left...
ajleece7 years ago
lemonie7 years ago
so you just type a in the search box and it will go by rating why
You add "&sort=rating" to the end of the URL.

KnexFreek (author)  lemonie7 years ago
thankyou lemonie
.  Maybe
.  Or maybe, just maybe, it's the "&sort=rating" part that does the sorting and you can change "a" to the subject you are searching for..
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