Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers!

Canucksgirl's fellow Iblers have awarded her Best Answer 100 times. Way to go!

Picture of Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers!
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monsterlego5 years ago
ChrysN5 years ago
Awesome job! That didn't take you very long at all. I've been trying for years and I'm nowhere near 100.
Vyger5 years ago
Hmmm, I recently cleared 100 and nobody noticed. Maybe its because I am not from Canada. I sent a PM to NachoMahma and he finally answered me and said he is not associated with instructables anymore.
Kiteman Vyger5 years ago
Aye, he took a sulk over some behind-the-scenes stuff.
iceng5 years ago

Good for you .

canucksgirl Now you take your family out to a fun sit down meal :-D

Lol, thanks. You say that as though there was a cash prize involved... ;)
Yes there is. for the restaurant where you exchange money for food
for those worthy few you can trust to understand the magnanimity
of the event and your future publishing career :-D

It's what we ( my family and I ) do at a Basque old style noisy restaurant
in Reno down town. ( I'm 18 away )
18 away? From 200? ;)
Correct, now 17 :)
That's great! (I'm chompin at your heals). ;)

Let me know when you get to your 200. ok?
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