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I am trying to build a lab power supply which I need to complete in order to continue an electronics course I am taking. The schematics require two 4400 uF capacitors, which for the life of me I cannot seem to find on any website or store. I was wondering if it is possible for me to use a slightly higher capacitor without causing electrical problems?

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Phil B8 years ago
Just as you can link smaller resistors together for a larger value, so also you can link smaller capacitors together to get a larger value. Resistors pool their values to make a larger value when joined in series. Capacitors add their values when joined in parallel, not series.
Sedgewick17 (author) 8 years ago
I forgot to mention that I need a capacitor with leads, so the screw in types will not work. I am sorry to say that I did spend a good portion of the afternoon searching for this component. I can assure you that I am not trying to brush off work onto someone else. I was hoping that someone else might have brought this capacitor and could tell me the name of the store. I would hope that no one puts themselves out over something so small, because it is not worth it.
4.4 milifarads is relatively large for a cap. You might find a canister type with leads, but I'm not sure. In any event, you're not going to find a little "tablet-style" electrolytic cap that big. Can you not simply attach leads to the screws at each end?

Are you familiar with Under a minute. I tried "4400 uF" and got nothing. Then I tried "capacitor 4400" and got 25 matches. The second group had exactly what you've asked for.
Sedgewick17 (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Yes, that is exactly the item I need. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
kelseymh8 years ago
Google Is Your Friend

The link which shows up immediately below your topic itself calls into question the veracity of your claim.