Capacitor charger

i want to build a fast simple capacitor charger with minimal components. i was going to build
a dc to dc converter. but then came across this picture from here i am going to replace the switch with a 555 timer and transistor . does any body know if this circuit is any good or has any body built it

Picture of Capacitor charger
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guyfrom7up9 years ago
yep, but you have to be careful about the transistor selection and protection the 555. The goal is to protect without shorting out the HV
what is a 555? and how is it supposed to be wired with a transistor?
google it basically it's an oscillator. The 3rd pin goes through a resistor and hooks up to the base of the transistor I'd love to be more specific, but, well, it was too basic of a question that wasn't googled?
i googled it but im not sure i understand could you give me a digram on how to wire it. (the 555 not the charger sircut)
110100101108 years ago
you can use a transistor only use the circuit from single use camera or build a similar circuit yourself the circuit here works on 3 - 6 V the transistor C945 can be found in lots of trashed electronics like crt monitor or computer power supply the transformer is with winding ratios as shown (does not have to be exact) and size up to 3 - 4 cm (more than that the transistor cannot hold). the 240 V to 3 / whatever V transformers from clocks / radios / etc normally work well
Jaycub9 years ago
That would deffinately work.
Plasmana9 years ago
You can use a disposable camera as a charger...
It looks like it would work but i'm just guessing.