Capri Sun Jacket

This packaging reuse takes 140 Capri Sun juice bags and turns them into a full-on jacket. It's an impressive bit of reuse. I can't imagine drinking that much Capri Sun myself, but if that's your thing then why not flaunt it to the rest of the world?

Capri Sun Jacket

Picture of Capri Sun Jacket
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bubalubas6 years ago
um, The pattern you used is discontinued. Any ideas on how I can get one or something? i saved up all the pouches, and I can't make this jacket without the pattern. please help:)
Vissy8 years ago
It actually looks good! What did you use to bond them together? Please dont say "hot glue gun". Pretty, too!
smvite Vissy8 years ago
it is entirely sewed! no glue was used. Thanks
I know I couldn't drink that much.
smvite8 years ago
vissy -- it was completely sewn together... using a zig zag stitch and my pfaff 130 which could possibly sew a bumper onto a car! thanks
fungus amungus (author)  smvite8 years ago
I just looked up what those are. That's an impressive machine. Those juice packets never stood a chance!
ModrnHippe8 years ago
This is awesome! I couldnt image drinking enough capri sun's to make it but kudos to you! I also checked out that contest on Greenwala and saw that a lady had made a jacket out of an old shower curtain! I always love seeing what people take what is considered "trash" and turn it into treasure!
elizahleigh8 years ago

I just saw this posted on (an online green social network). They're looking for crafty DIYers to share their repurposed project ideas with them for a future article. Might be a great way for people here to gain exposure -- here's the article link --

ALSO, has a few new crafty contests running, but one in particular is called "Choose To Reuse".

It asks participants to photograph an original repurposed design of their own creation.

Here are some examples of what other contestants have already submitted:

1) vinyl record garden planters

2) shower curtain turned into wearable "hoodie"

3) old sink turned "hand-tiled bird bath"

Take a look at the rest of the entries here and then gear yourself up to submit your own cool, repurposed design --

The most creative reuse will win a new HP Mini 110 XP Notebook and a Deskjet D2660 printer!

Good luck and have fun!!
Chicken22098 years ago
ugh, theres a lady at our school that made a purse out of capri sun and shes soo annoying
So make a bigger one than hers. Mwahahahaaaa!
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