Captcha, Coincidence or Provedence?

Ok, ive been sending some PMs around, quite a few in fact. And i must say ive started to notice a strange resemblance between some of the words? Has anyone else noticed this? is it a message from god? are the instructables team 'brainwashing' us? Here a few examples of my captchas, they currently will only make sense to the few. Add your screen shots of amazing coincedence captchas in the comments!

Picture of Captcha, Coincidence or Provedence?
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Uh oh...
Picture 25.png
gmjhowe (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll8 years ago
Captcha knows! you better break it off now..
Captcha's knowledge is starting to scare me...
An affair with Helen of Troy... I don't think I'd mind, the last chap got off scott free, minus destruction of his home city...
KentsOkay8 years ago
Should I ready my doomsday kit?

THe weirdest one I've had was: "your imbecile"

I don't send or receive many pm's... *sniff*
DJ Radio9 years ago
ummmmmmmm, you might want to remove the second picture, kiteman said no references
Ever hear of, I dunno, discretion?!
Ever hear of, that was intentional?
Chicken22099 years ago
I hate captchas some times is that an S B?
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