Caption Competition - Win a Book

Want to win a book for a funny caption? Then enter this caption competition! The best caption for the picture below from our forum post about our move wins a copy of Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius by Ian Cinnamon.

And the winner is... laminterious!

Picture of Caption Competition - Win a Book
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The quote by laminterious is most accurate based upon my current programming.laminterious shall win the paper data recording.I commend all human participants for trying.
w00t! Sweet!
*sigh* Robot dosen't like me... :(
sweet! Thanks!
Kiteman9 years ago
Well done, laminterious.

(I don't know what I would have done with the book if won it anyway...)
Thanks! Once I get it, I will make a few games (hopefully) and post them so others can play.
c'mon hes not a show of...... any ways good work! {although i like to have that book although i already know how to make games} this is going to be my desktop from now on :P
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