Caption Contest: What's Eric so happy about? UPDATED

Eric is so happy, but why? We want to know and only your caption can help us figure it out!

The best caption will be picked this evening and the author will win a sweet tape measure from DIY Network who is hosting a Cool Tools Holiday Blitz that runs from tomorrow (11/27) to Sunday (11/30).

Limit of 3 entries per person.

UPDATE: We now how a Caption Contest Patch. See it here.

UPDATE 2: We have a winner!

"Eric just heard that the new Instructables hoodies will come with extra long sleeves!"
by zieak

Oh, and be sure to check the forums on Friday for another caption contest.

Picture of Caption Contest: What's Eric so happy about? UPDATED
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all i want to know is, does eric really shave all the sides of his head to where he only has hair on top?
No, I do. (It's a bit hard to shave bits of your own head evenly.)
-sippo-7 years ago
oh damit I'm to late :D i just saw the picture and the first thing that pop'ed into my head was: "Remember kids, Check your ball's for cancer.... It might just make your day"
zieak7 years ago
Before: I don't have the right tools available to make some cool Instructables. After: DIY Network is giving away $15,000 to spend on tools!
cheeseboy zieak7 years ago
they are spending money on me? XD
zieak cheeseboy7 years ago
I had to read what i wrote twice before i got it. Nice self-deprecation!
cheeseboy zieak7 years ago
thank you its one of my strengths =)
First picture: Give me an i! Second picture: Give me a Y! Oh wait! i forgot the D in DIY!
awwwww, i didn't win... =-(
Neither, did I. Neither, did I.

oh well... NEXTIME
*Hopes as hard as i can*

IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!
stupid images bug....
Eric upon learning that Instructables qualifies as a bank under the bailout.
If we don't make our traffic numbers for the year, I'm demanding some sort of bailout. It's the new capitalism.
Hey, wait, don't us iblers get some of that?
No, it's the last desperate gasp of the "old" (okay, just the last eight years') capitalism. Get in while you can :-)

how much more traffic do you need?
Do you have access to a otnet or something? lol
nah, just lots of people I can intimidate...
zieak7 years ago
Eric just heard that the new Instructables hoodies will come with extra long sleeves!
zieak zieak7 years ago
Thanks for putting this little contest on! That tape measure looks like a Komelon SS Gripper. I bought one as a gift a while back and it seemed like a nice one.
That Tape measure looks like the ones with my dad's work logo on it.
Steal one from your dad and give it to me. =D
uhh, no?
Awwww...why not. D=
Because i said so.
aeromancy zieak7 years ago
Plasmana zieak7 years ago
Congratulations zieak!

Have fun measuring stuff!
DJ Radio zieak7 years ago
JellyWoo zieak7 years ago
great job!
nice job!
Keith-Kid zieak7 years ago
Congrats! I really thought mine would have a good chance.....
Gjdj3 zieak7 years ago
Haha, nice.
zieak Gjdj37 years ago
Gjdj3, mg0930mg, Adrian monk; Thank you!
mg0930mg zieak7 years ago
Good job on the win!
Goodhart7 years ago
Ooo, I missed out on THIS one :-)
zjharva7 years ago
I found out what to do with the 2 9 volt batteries!
and you were anonymously quoted in the Wall Street Journal for your comment on the turkey bone ornament http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122765597035358073.html
oh cool thanks!
mg0930mg7 years ago
Eric: I can lift one thousand pounds want to see. 2nd pic: See, Impressive huh? What do you mean you can't see it?"
You should have won!
Oh well, instructables chose what they chose. Thanks for the compliment,though.
You're welcome! Your's was by far the funniest!
ax897 years ago
WOOHOO! I got the crazy glue off!!! (next frame) Uh, wait a minute.... (looking at hands that are still fists)
Labot20017 years ago
Looks like someone just learned how to tie his shoes.

I'm expecting an instructable on it soon.
Derin7 years ago
Yay!I finally won an award for building the best DIY site on the world!And I got pie!
Derin Derin7 years ago
Darn,I missed it.And it got posted yesterday.
bumpus7 years ago
How did I miss this!??!1
DJ Radio7 years ago
"Yay!!! My order of knex just came!!!"
I wonder if Fungus missed it?
yeah thats it...
mg0930mg7 years ago
I just saved a bunch of money, by switching my car insurance to Geico!

fungus in the back: put your arms down.
This is full of win.
He's happy because he just zipped up his pants.
2nd picture: EGGS!!!
"Im bored... Better go to... INSTRUCTABLES!"
Chicken22097 years ago
Sweet! just about 6.3 million more clicks of the refresh button and we could qualify for an snl spoof!
Yes! no one noticed that my pumpkin hoodie was sooo last month
JellyWoo7 years ago
1. YES! Ed actually remembered to thaw out the turkey so i don't have to use my hairdryer.

2. *ad for a Duracell commercial* GO DURACELL GO! DURACELL BATTERIES ARE NUMBER ONE!

3. My magical eyes do work magic on those duracell batteries after all...
xACIDITYx7 years ago
Eric: Featured!
Before: What do those batteries say on them??

After: Duracell! that's what they say! w00t, i have common sense!

*picture added for fun purposes only*
Big Bwana7 years ago
honest it was this big ...
Hey, i've seen that one used on the internet already!
Gjdj37 years ago
Victory! I just scammed an entire online community into decorating my office!

Haha, just kidding... sort of.
its okay, well get him back by coloring in crayons
im going to have to because my robot is not looking like the superhero i wanted it to with the buttons...
KentsOkay7 years ago
Before: Aww... I'm not even a moderator on my own website's chat room... After: WOOHOO!!! MOD POWERZ!!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Before: the potato chips were eaten by me
After: I ate the potato chips!!!

Instructables, find yourself here.

2) Success! The world's flute-drum-guitar -foot massaging-trombone-Jacobs Ladder- internet browsing-piano-one man band! Now how on earth do I use this thing?

3) Eric! A giant robot from a rival company just destroyed one of the walls!! On the bright side side, you can finally install that window you've been wanting for so long.
cormac30507 years ago
Hurray! I'm happy again!!
Spint7 years ago
Eric: I gots a new friend on myspace!
Spint Spint7 years ago
Eric: I just got my first robot wall decoration!
Is it instructables birthday?
Plasmana7 years ago
Eric is so happy because it is his payday from the advertisers!
Before Prozac/After Prozac
Christy's back!!!
FINALLY! He took the picture! Took long enough.