Caption Contest: What's Eric so happy about? UPDATED

Eric is so happy, but why? We want to know and only your caption can help us figure it out!

The best caption will be picked this evening and the author will win a sweet tape measure from DIY Network who is hosting a Cool Tools Holiday Blitz that runs from tomorrow (11/27) to Sunday (11/30).

Limit of 3 entries per person.

UPDATE: We now how a Caption Contest Patch. See it here.

UPDATE 2: We have a winner!

"Eric just heard that the new Instructables hoodies will come with extra long sleeves!"
by zieak

Oh, and be sure to check the forums on Friday for another caption contest.

Picture of Caption Contest: What's Eric so happy about? UPDATED
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all i want to know is, does eric really shave all the sides of his head to where he only has hair on top?
No, I do. (It's a bit hard to shave bits of your own head evenly.)
-sippo-9 years ago
oh damit I'm to late :D i just saw the picture and the first thing that pop'ed into my head was: "Remember kids, Check your ball's for cancer.... It might just make your day"
zieak9 years ago
Before: I don't have the right tools available to make some cool Instructables. After: DIY Network is giving away $15,000 to spend on tools!
cheeseboy zieak9 years ago
they are spending money on me? XD
zieak cheeseboy9 years ago
I had to read what i wrote twice before i got it. Nice self-deprecation!
cheeseboy zieak9 years ago
thank you its one of my strengths =)
First picture: Give me an i! Second picture: Give me a Y! Oh wait! i forgot the D in DIY!
awwwww, i didn't win... =-(
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