Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners

OK, we actually have a third spy camera from Wild Planet to give away so let's have another caption contest!

Now, last time we did allow a photoshopped entry, but only because we changed our minds and had two winners. This time there's only one camera left so it's captions only! Photoshopped versions will be shot into space, or at least ignored.

Also, this contest closes down at 12:01 pm PST tomorrow.

Let's look at the rules again:
- Limit of two captions per entrant
- Each caption must be a new comment
- No photoshop
- Closes at 12:01 pm PST July 16

OK? Now, go!

UPDATE: OK, the results are in and cybervanig2000 is the winner! Whooo! Thanks to everyone for submitting a caption.

And with that all of our spy cameras are gone, but we'll have more caption contests in the future.

Picture of Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners
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=SMART=8 years ago
hey, rules are made to be broken :)
gmjhowe =SMART=8 years ago
Haha, it was worth it.
sev17 gmjhowe8 years ago
this should win
It can't, it's photoshopped.
i know i was jk duh :P
I know
Even after all these years, Gilligan is still having trouble adjusting to normal society.
You'll have to forgive me, but who's Gilligan?
Gilligan is one of the characters from an older TV show called Gilligan's Island.
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