Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners

Holy moley, it's a caption contest!

Submit a caption for the image below and you could win a Digital Spy Camera from Wild Planet.

- Limit of two captions per user
- Each caption must be a new comment
- Winner will be picked tomorrow, July 14, at 4:00 pm PST

OK, go!

UPDATE: Winners announced!

Did I say "winners" and not "winner"? That's right. Surprise! We have two spy cameras to give away and we decided on two winners. Well, Matt chose one and I chose the other.

No, I'm not telling who chose which.

Congrats to gmjhowe and kelseymh!

Picture of Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners
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Another Burger-Carp on the line
When Mamma 'Bama said 'NO' to fast foods she meant it!
Vyger5 years ago
It's really hard, when you bite your finger this bad, to keep your cool and pretend that nothing has happened so the others don't notice just how much of a klutz you are.

I know its long past but I just ran across this and couldn't resist.
It looks to me your photo retouching skill is unique....Mans image color corrected so smoothly and besides i love spectacle photos shadows is excellent to watch..

ghostfart7 years ago
extreme policing
Punkguyta7 years ago
Why does the contrast of the image change between the original and the ones with the captions from the winners?
D.A.N7 years ago
my friend bet me a doghnut that i couldnt eat a doghnut without licking my lips
Punkguyta D.A.N7 years ago
gmjhowe7 years ago
'Fishing for HQ members was easy once they found the right bait'
What makes you think this takes place in the HQ?
n8man ReCreate7 years ago
The robot sitting on the ground behind his chin and the pipes above his head...
Congratulations to you, sir!
lol nice one!
Ha ha good one.
JKibs95 gmjhowe7 years ago
This is a win...
Jayefuu gmjhowe7 years ago
Your photoshopping skills are better than mine :)
=SMART= gmjhowe7 years ago
kelseymh7 years ago
When training for the Strongest Man locomotive pull, it's important to start small.
Haha! Nice Job Kelsey!
Thanks! Just saw the e-mail now...
Goodhart7 years ago
Wait ! This is no donut, this is uncooked squid ! (what irony !)
Hmm, I suppose my caption was a little TOO subtle LOL
Matt214977 years ago
Who is this matt eeryone keeps mentioning
Thank you. Good Job winning
Kiteman7 years ago
Well done, both.
gmjhowe Kiteman7 years ago
Derin7 years ago
ReCreate7 years ago
*big facepalm* i though that the sunglasses had to be given a caption too
Derin7 years ago
Who put this rock in my donut?
volquete Derin7 years ago
Somrod7 years ago
You guys should specify in the rules that retouching the caption photo is allowed. It may make for some more interesting entries!
DJ Radio7 years ago
you 2 are lucky.
wenpherd7 years ago
who won????!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?
not yet... pacific time...
dombeef JKibs957 years ago
Ok now it is
PKM7 years ago
Difficulty obtaining nutrition? Use teeth strength!

- OR -

Delicious object, unfortunately gone hard, needs utmost teeth strength.

I know this is breaking the "one entry per comment" rule but these are really just alternative spellings :)
JKibs95 PKM7 years ago
well, alternative wordings...
JKibs957 years ago
"This is my eatin' face"
Emsaid7 years ago
"will eating this donut make my butt look big?"
pie popper7 years ago
"nobody look!"
When eating donuts, Matt is no longer cute like a duck.
Who me?
Ha! No. You wish. :P
braindrain7 years ago
If it doesn't touch my lips it won't end up on my hips!
Z1ggy7 years ago
Never again will i buy donuts from the bargain bin.
Z1ggy7 years ago
It's time for the traditional, pre-fight donut.
Derin7 years ago
This is a rubber donut.*squints and thinks of blowing the factory up*
Rotten1947 years ago
The Story of the Doughnut War: Part One: The Attack.

Eyes: Brain, look at those DELICIOUS doughnuts!
Doughnuts: What doughnuts? I don't see any doughnuts! *hides*
Brain: Mmmm, those look good. Hands, get ready.
Hands: Ready! *salute*
Brain: Good. Eyes, do we have an attack vector?
Eyes: Twelve O' Clock, clear shot!
Brain: We're going in!
*Epic Music*
Doughnut Commander: They're attacking base! Fire!
Doughnuts: Firing! *fire mortar*
Hands: Brain, we're picking up excessive sugar levels.... incoming!
Brain: Evasive action!
Arm: Brain, we just lost a finger. Completely hit with powdered sugar.
Brain: Continue on. Those doughnuts are vital!
Arms: Commencing final stage of attack.
Doughnut Commander: They're here! Release the bombs! Shoot off the guns! We can't let them breach our defense!
Doughnut Soldier: They're too strong! They're breaching the lid!
Hands: Brain, we've opened the lid. The base is ours.
Brain: take a hostage and prepare it for nomming.
Hands: he's struggling, sir.
Brain: Mouth, bite!
Mouth: Mmmmm....
Brain: Mmmm....
Hands (hurt finger has recovered): Mmmm....
Meanwhile, in the box....
Doughnut Commander: Today, we honor the death of a fallen soldier. A fearless friend who gave his life to the cause. And while we have lost the battle, we will not lose the war....

Continued in Part Two: Doughnut Retaliation!

lol, long caption.

pie popper7 years ago
does this donut make my mouth look big?
cormac30507 years ago
*Please note that no doughnuts were harmed in the making of this caption competition. The doughnut seen in this image is a highly trained stunt doughnut. Do not try this at home.*
Josrodr7 years ago
ScreamHella7 years ago
Doughnut breaks are necessary in this business!
Rotten1947 years ago
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of doughnuts."
I beat ya too it mate.
Is that your second entry? :D
ScreamHella7 years ago
Overlord57 years ago
I know its bad for me but it just tastes so good!!
Oh! The creamy center is so cold!!!!
om nom nom!
Matt214977 years ago
He tried with all his might to not get the glazed donut in his beard but it slowly grew more powerful by the bite and the urge became strong.
Matt214977 years ago
Little did he know the very donut he was eating would bring him to a not so elegant death.
Breakfast Wars: The Doughnut Wars

Darth Glazed: "Fool! You cannot defeat me! The force is not strong in you!"
Eric Tilewalker: "YES.......I.......................CAN!"
Goodhart7 years ago
"I just hate getting that white powdery sugar stuff on my lips..."
PKM7 years ago
Day 3 of testing: The Squid Labs kevlar weight-loss doughnut is holding out against even concerted attacks.
dracshier7 years ago
The things I gotta do, Because I forgot her birthday. ( Note to self: DESTROY Easybake oven )
I am no robot! I NEED FOOD!!!
Warlrosity7 years ago
I did it with ms publisher and ms paint. Be nice.
jwilsterman7 years ago
How to: Hack a doughnut to make it pocket sized
becava7 years ago
Wait.....don't eat the hole.... remember that's mine
Emsaid becava7 years ago
....thats what she said...
jwilsterman7 years ago
If you can't eat it, it isn't yours.
meissler7 years ago
Creme?! I wanted jelly :/
meissler7 years ago
Just a liiiiitle stale
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
OUCH! Stopsteppingonmyfootimatryintoeatmahdonuts!!!!!!!!
bounty10127 years ago
In case you cant read it, it says "Manly men need donuts too..."
you edited that...
I didnt edit it, I posted a cpation above his head.
its spelled capsuhun
no its spelled sahjdsakdhas XD
Read the lower reply...
XD i thought you where pointing out that in the main image XD
Aleator7777 years ago
"That's one small bite for a man, one giant loss for donut-kind."
"Man discovers half-life of a donut."
Lego man7 years ago
Don't smell, don't smell, Ahh, Gotta have more
Robot tried at donuts, nobody could accuse him of not trying, but trying to like them was a challenge beyond the ken of a mortal.
becava7 years ago
Here is our new "Instructables" contest: How to eat a Donut
i eatz this donut because i am a MANLY man and MANLY MEN do what MANLY MEN WANT! ummm.... i know it sucks...
Brennn107 years ago
Weight Watchers just unleashed its new eating exercise program to offset the ill effects of a Krispy Kreme donut!
"The secret to stealing a doughnut is taking small bites."