Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners

Holy moley, it's a caption contest!

Submit a caption for the image below and you could win a Digital Spy Camera from Wild Planet.

- Limit of two captions per user
- Each caption must be a new comment
- Winner will be picked tomorrow, July 14, at 4:00 pm PST

OK, go!

UPDATE: Winners announced!

Did I say "winners" and not "winner"? That's right. Surprise! We have two spy cameras to give away and we decided on two winners. Well, Matt chose one and I chose the other.

No, I'm not telling who chose which.

Congrats to gmjhowe and kelseymh!

Picture of Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners
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Another Burger-Carp on the line
When Mamma 'Bama said 'NO' to fast foods she meant it!
Vyger6 years ago
It's really hard, when you bite your finger this bad, to keep your cool and pretend that nothing has happened so the others don't notice just how much of a klutz you are.

I know its long past but I just ran across this and couldn't resist.
It looks to me your photo retouching skill is unique....Mans image color corrected so smoothly and besides i love spectacle photos shadows is excellent to watch..

ghostfart8 years ago
extreme policing
Punkguyta8 years ago
Why does the contrast of the image change between the original and the ones with the captions from the winners?
D.A.N8 years ago
my friend bet me a doghnut that i couldnt eat a doghnut without licking my lips
Punkguyta D.A.N8 years ago
gmjhowe8 years ago
'Fishing for HQ members was easy once they found the right bait'
What makes you think this takes place in the HQ?
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