Caption Contest! Winner announced!

Eric and Christy recently spent a couple weeks in Guatemala and didn't invite any of us to go along! Well, we at least got to see the several hundred photos they shot while they were out there, including this bird shot.

Come up with a caption for this photo and win this awesome magnetic photo rope from Photojojo. The best caption will be selected tomorrow afternoon. Limit of 5 captions per person.

Picture of Caption Contest! Winner announced!
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fungus amungus (author) 9 years ago
OK, we all took a vote and here's the winner:

"I'm telling you its a mannequin , it's ok to poo on it." by Mr. Rig It

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who submitted a caption.
LOL ! Good choice !
Whaooo!! Yeah dats what I'm talking about! Uuhhh...wait what did I win? I kinda have a felling it's a free butt kicking from both Eric and Christy.
Oh wait, thats right photo rope, too cool! Thanks everyone, that was so fun! I was laughing my butt off reading all of those captions.
Congratulations, Mr. Rig It. Will there be other caption contests? Oooh! I know! Do one with a photo from the Guatemala trip with Christy in it!
Are there gonna be more of these? I really enjoy seeing all the funny captions!
Yeah, I thought that one would win!
shadowfluid9 years ago
Eric's milkshakes bring all the birds to the yard!
"and there like SQWAACK! its better than yours..."
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