Caption competition...

No prizes, just for fun, what would your caption be for this image from the BBC Science website?


Current leader:

"Lindt decided that their gold easter bunny had become dated, decide to combine easter and Halloween instead".

...from a very disturbed mind.


New leader:

"Trinny and Susannah harass Akhenaten on their new series ' What Not To Worship'."

(I think there's more than a wire loose in that brain)

Picture of Caption competition...
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pappyld049 years ago
Milk..... It does a body good!!! I'm too sexy for my shirt, Too sexy for my... Hey little girls, want some candy?
Billy Goat9 years ago
John McCain works the crowd on the campaign trail.
Barack Obama works the crows on the campaign trail...
I'm going to hell aren't I?
xACIDITYx9 years ago
...cigarettes must have been more common than I thought...
Goodhart9 years ago
Harold, I believe you took the diet a little TOO far this time....
Oooo, the perfect man for us, one that doesn't argue back !
They said a mud bath would make me look YOUNGER, they lied !
I TOLD you that you would not survive being "BRONZED"!
...and he just went up in flames after that....
Breath ! Sam, Breath !
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