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2000watt Soundstream Rubicon 405 5 channel amp 4 Diamond Audio Motorsport Crossovers 4 Diamond Audio 250watt speakers 2 800 watt Infiniti subs 80watt x4 (not that the wattage for it matters) Alpine Deck
Dam your deck is giving out alot ! Most desks usualy give 50 watt max like 20 rms
Was, it was all stolen and burned in a wheelbarrow down the street where i used to live.
That sucks.
Still have the cap and crossovers though.
And a slow blow Capacitor
Oh yeah, and 4 100watt tweeters, lol.
RelyNupon (author)  Yerboogieman8 years ago
ooh sounds loud!
Wow nice set ups. Im only running -2 12 inch kenwoods -rockford fosgate 350s (360 watt rms) -2 Power acoustik dome tweeter Need more money! lol
RelyNupon (author) 9 years ago
ill start things off i have 4 infinity reference mids 4 infinity directional dome tweeters 2 12" infinity subs with a 600 watt amp 2 12" pioneer subs with a 1000 watt Xplod amp and a pioneer deck with sirus, bluetooth and a ipod plugin I am in the process of buying a 250 amp high powered alternator.
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