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When I tried to start my  car the ignition just clicked a few times, then finally started.  It seemed like the battery was weak.  I spoke to a mechanic who said probably one battery cell was bad and advised that I replace the battery.  I did that and now have a brand new battery. I didn't fix the problem.  Does anyone have advice?

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lemonie4 years ago
Does the solenoid activate, by pushing the drive shaft into mesh with the flywheel?
Sometimes hitting things with a big piece of wood can free them up.

BdaSpidey (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Your question doesn't make sense to me. The solenoid activates a gear on the starter to engage with the flywheel, it doesn't have anything to do with the driveshaft. The driveshaft is activated by the transmission whichnisnat the back end of the engine - the starter is at the front.
I mean the drive-shaft upon which the gear on the starter to engage with the flywheel is mounted. As you know what that is; does that happen?

BdaSpidey (author)  lemonie4 years ago
The problem seems to be that sometimes it engages and sometimes it doesn't. Usually it fails on the first try - there is just a click and sort of a groan. So then on second (or perhaps third) try it works perfectly. It shouldn't fail to engage on that first try. I know intermittent fails are the hardest to find, but I'm trying to find out what it's most likely to be. Thanks
The motor isn't powered until the pinion is engaged, so if you have this problem I think it's the solenoid. A good cleaning may help, otherwise see if you can get a recondition replacement. The battery may not be charged enough, but I think that you will have made sure that it was.

blkhawk4 years ago
Another problem could be a bad ignition or a bad alternator. To find out if the alternator is the culprit, try to start the car, if the car starts remove one of the battery terminals while the engine is still running. If the engine stops running, the alternator is the problem.
When diagnosing car problems work from the cheapest part to the most expensive.
Check your negative wire on your battery
Check your starting solenoid
Check your starter
Check the battery(sometimes they are not fully charged at the store) there is a machine they hook up to the battery and they can see if its good and also if your alternator can charge it.
Now is your car "turning over" but not starting?
Then that can be a fuel issue.
BdaSpidey (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
Thanks - All battery wires are clean and tight. The car doesn't turn over (and this just happens sometimes). Car runs fine once started. The problem appears when you turn the ignition key - it just tries to turn over then it stops. Second time it works. Not sure how to check the solenoid. I know where it is and what it does, but since this is an intermittent, not sure how to check it.
my buddy had problems with his mustang not starting right.
he ended up replacing the starter, the solenoid, the alternator (no reason) and it ended up being the negative cable was burnt up and had to much resistance.

Thats why I say start cheap. Try tapping on the solenoid or replacing it.
have a look at
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