Car light dimmer

Hi all,
Can someone show me how to make a car dimmer or point me in the right direction to make one.
Just to recap this is like the new cars when you open the car the light fades up and when the car door is closed the light will take 5 to 10 seconds to dim out.
Thanks in advance.

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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Knowing that they are called "opera lights" will help you track something down. You should be able to take a dimmer for the interior lights and use a higher ampacity output.
Here's a thought. Use LEDs and a couple caps that charge when the car is running and will charge the LEDs till the stored energy is slowly depleated. Works on some chargable flashlights like this. Just a thought, electronics are not my strong suit but ideas I get a lot of.
Dave-v-v (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for the reply but instructables is the best for How too's
.  What's your point? If you can find a opera light dimmer for interior lights  on Ibles, then you might be able to modify it for higher current. I'm as big of an Ibles fanboi as anyone, but Ibles doesn't have everything (yet).
Dave-v-v (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Thanks but is this for auto dim.
Or is this the same thing.
I have an 'ible that's from the original burning questions, still unanswered to finish... The problem is photos and controversy...