Carbon bike

I have a carbon bike factory in china mainland and can design the carbon bike as you like .You can check the enclosed pircture which we produced for the customer . If you are interested in this ,you can contact me by Msn or mail : Or we can talk about this kinds of products .

Picture of Carbon bike
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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Wow! How much would a fully assembled (ready to ride) bike cost me?
russ110 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Sorry , for my late reply ! it is about 2000USD to 3000USD and depends on your requirements .
My guess... pricy! 4 digits pricy. My friend and I are on a team that's sponsored, and no one on the team can afford one even with a discount.
russ110 (author)  Gjdj39 years ago
Yes, you are right !! For the whole carbon bike , it will be a little expensive as the material cost is very high ! It should be several thousands dollors for the whole carbon bike !
russ110 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
It really depends on what you need , and i will updated the products pricture with price list and shipping fee !!Hope this can help you to find what you need !!
well im looking for a very light mountain bike would u have any like the desgine in pic #2?
russ110 (author)  Jr Hacking kid9 years ago
yes, we do have ! The picture #2 is our sample . If you need i can tell you more detail
Could you explain the process of curing the carbon fiber? I want to make my own bike, but I doubt this, would also contribute to

What kind of oven used? (if necessary)
What is the temperature and time required?
There is a time for cooling.

I do not intend to make a production work, perhaps one for me and someone else
Danielro109 years ago
wow realy, carbon fiber, darn, just curious but, how much are they and what about shipping?
russ110 (author)  Danielro109 years ago
Hi, danielro : Do you need the whole carbon fiber bike ? or just some part frame ? The carbon fiber bike is very firm and light which is usually used in the bike sport match .And now , most of fashion people like this a fallow sport in the world . For the shiping , we can deliver this to by express such as the DHL ,Fedex or EMS( the cheaperest way ) . Also, if you need more picture for your choose , pls kindly tell me what you need exactly , so i can do better according to your comments . Thanks !!