Carbon dioxide sensor??

Hi, I'm working on a project that measures outdoor air quality. Wondering if anyone knows a CO2 sensor that's not too difficult to use with a microchip (bs2 or arduino)? or knows of any links to air quality projects (the ones on MAKE seem to be broken links..) thanks! Kiera

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rbhamare6 years ago
H2O Sensors...
hey , can you tell mi about underground H2O(water) detection sensor...???
mark484308 years ago
The small electro-chemical sensors are great for home projects and very inexpensive (20 bucks) to purchase. Google "CO2 Figaro" to find them. The dual-beam infrared tend to be more stable, longer life, more expensive ($100+) and are the standard for CO2 detection in green building construction. Google "CO2 Senseair" to find these.
This is the only thing kieranof ever posted (nearly 2 years ago) - he's gone.

Yep, it's also more as two years after you responded, but I still get a lot of useful info here.
No problem. I noticed the question on a google search for CO2 sensors on another project. Since it came up on the first page, I figured others might be still be researching the same subject, so I thought I could add to the discussion. That is all. Mark
mark484307 years ago
Instructions for using Arduino with SenseAir CO2 Sensor:
martin08117 years ago
The company E+E Elektronik does also have some nice products for CO2 measurement. More information about the CO2 sensor module is on
bjornos8 years ago
Hello. have a look at SenseAir's modules they manufacture Infrared maintenance free sensors, with life expectancy of normally 15 years. The normally never require calibration
poop#18 years ago
hey there is this sensor that is dirt cheap and meant for the bs2 go to
VIRON10 years ago
"Limewater" is the name of a solution of Calcium Hydroxide that turns
from clear to milky when carbon dioxide is absorbed by it. This is rather
simple and if you can find a scientific chemical supplier then a small
bottle of Ca(OH)2 is plenty for making CO2 detectors. It may involve
detecting reflected light from the cloudy water using an LED and
a light detector (CdS cell, solar cell, phototransistor, etc.).

I'm guessing limewater is not a deadly poison but it IS a chemical and
deserves respect. After all, even H2O (water) "may cause burns, explode,
blindness, intoxication, inhalation maybe fatal, etc" to drown laughing see
DHMO (Water) hazardous chemical
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