Cardboard Chairs

Check out these finalists in a cardboard chair competition. Only corrugated cardboard (preferably reused) and glue could be used as materials. The entry below is particularly cool as it only uses one shape for all the cutouts and it can be flipped for a different angle.

Link via Core77

Picture of Cardboard Chairs
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Capt. Kidd8 years ago
the armrest alone is 5 layers
Plasmana8 years ago
That is a really cool looking chair!
tete3118 years ago
nice and somewhat simple, how many pices are there and how strong is it
cart456 tete3118 years ago
I don't know how many pices it has but i think these are very strongs.

KentsOkay8 years ago
Pretty wicked, but I think building functional boats out of cardboard is more impressive personally....
I watched a discovery channel show on that once! It's amazing what people do for that competition.
It's amazing what I'm doing for that competition :D
*checks your profile* Wow! I didn't know you participated in those types of things! How fun! What are you doing now?
Doctor What8 years ago
I'm feeling the need to make a cardboard chair.
Shut Up Now8 years ago
i would make that if i had a cnc cardboard cutter to make the z shapes.
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