Cardboard Halo Weapons

So these are my halo 3 weapons, made from cardboard. the new ones

Picture of Cardboard Halo Weapons
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Can you send me the design for the smg or you looking to sell it
oliversarmy6 years ago
i bulit that out of scratch aand the hardest things you can build from halo!
vishalapr6 years ago
You should soo make an instructable on this! I would love to make one for myself!
B34r6 years ago
Sweetness :D
Trooper147 years ago
Awsome, u should make a battle rifle or a carbine.
hey nice spiker i was wondering can u send some instructions to me or can i buy that spiker off u, name the price.
nerfer192 (author)  montazuma4009 years ago
15 bucks. the handle is quite small if you want to know, its only 3 inches long, made to fit my tiny hands.
hey , very nice work .. do you think you could send me instructions on how to make each of those A.S.A.P? me and my friend are being church and caboose off of and want to go full out...
Jakdaman8 years ago
Sweet job dude! make it an instructable! if i wasnt in uk i would certainly buy!
Camisado9 years ago
Wow. Those are some really good craft skills. Nice job!
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